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Leading Revenue at a B2B Company is Tough.



Growing a business and scaling a sales organization will never be easy, but you can dramatically improve the probability of success by following a proven system and joining forces with like-minded peers.

Your company is building an incredible offering that you believe the world is ready for, but the growth expectations of your board of directors are relentless, and you are on your own to build the sales organization your business requires.  The challenges come from every direction, and you need practical solutions to address issues such as:

  •  "How does our offering create more value than the other options available to our customers? And how do we effectively communicate and connect our unique value during the sales process?"
  •  "We are getting traction with certain customer segments more than others. How do we know if there are better customer segments we haven’t tested yet?"
  •  "Our founder and a few top salespeople can sell 3-4x what our average salesperson can produce. Are those high performers freaks of nature, or do we lack a repeatable sales methodology?"
  •  "We have a basic sales pipeline, but we don’t manage it well. I’m concerned that we don’t spend enough time on opportunities we should have won, and we spend too much time on opportunities we will never win."
  •  "We are asking our salespeople to do it all and they are spread too thin. We need to create more specialized roles like lead generators and salespeople focused exclusively on growing existing accounts. What are the optimal sales roles and org structure for our sales team at this point in our evolution?"
  •  "We have established initial compensation plans and basic job descriptions, but I have a gut feeling that we would sell a lot more if we had a different salesperson profile."
  •  "I’m being asked to contribute to the long-term growth strategy of the company. Where should we look for incremental growth?"

What’s the gap between your growth plan expectations and where you will end the year if something doesn’t change?

We find that when B2B businesses plan their growth and then work their plan, they achieve 17-40% of incremental growth they wouldn’t otherwise have captured.

Recent client results include:

  •  Increasing average deal size by 500%
  •  Improving win rate by 33%
  •  Quadrupling revenue with no change in head count or sales personnel

Yes, those are incredible results and yours will vary depending on your business situation. The real question is... "What would be the impact on your revenue if you had the right growth strategy properly executed?"

How Do You Begin To Achieve Results Like These?

The Revenue Mastermind is a group of CRO's and Heads of Sales that meet regularly for a combination of high touch 1-on-1 executive coaching and intensive group sessions. We journey together using the Entheon Commercial System as our guide. This system is a comprehensive set of mutually reinforcing elements that all thriving B2B commercial organizations must master and integrate. You will apply this map and its proven approaches to your unique business, while you learn from – and help – CRO’s and SVP’s facing similar challenges to your own.

You don’t need tricks, tips or a thousand suggestions. Rather, you are looking for the know-how and expertise to execute the right elements of a growth strategy in the right order. Ted and his team of seasoned commercial operators and consultants will bring the system, expert group facilitation, and years of execution experience. Your peers in the Mastermind will help you apply the system to your business, and you will also help your peers.


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Unlike other member groups that provide access to stacks of general information which you must sort through to find what applies to your situation, THE REVENUE MASTERMIND is a structured, high-touch coaching experience that facilitates you through a proven process for growth.

Here are what recent clients have to say about their results working with Entheon:


WITHIN, based in New York City, is a high growth integrated media and creative agency.  Although they had been doubling revenue every year for the last 3 years, they weren’t satisfied.


Their customer base consisted of Direct-to-Consumer retailers and CPG companies, with a mix of multi-billion dollar behemoths, mid-sized retailers, and small startups.

They wanted to shift their client mix to more behemoths, but since every customer had come from an inbound lead generated through the personal network of their founder/CEO, they needed to develop a targeted outbound sales capability that would enable them to proactively pursue large CPG brands and clients.


WITHIN hired Entheon to build, test and refine this outbound sales capability.  Through a combination of strategy, technology, process redesign, interim sales leadership, training and coaching, Entheon helped WITHIN go from zero outbound leads to 36 new outbound leads in 7 weeks – during COVID lockdowns!


After 4 months, this new 6-person team had been built, trained, and created 132 outbound leads with target customers, resulting in $29.6 mm in new pipeline.  After 9 months, WITHIN had closed so many enterprise deals that average deal size across the company increased over 500%.


"I had the opportunity to work with Ted when starting in my new role as Head of Revenue at WITHIN. As an outside hire, I was grateful that he had been consulting there for a few months prior to my onboarding.  He and his team from Entheon had recently built the sales and demand generation machine, so it was already set up and humming along when I was hired to scale it to the next level. I found his approach especially impressive: dissecting the business and personnel issues, providing individualized coaching, and bringing frameworks that scale. His sales and leadership training, ability to make a real impact, and his overall demeanor were all second to none. He's everything you can want in a sales consultant. I'd highly recommend him and his services to support your revenue org and business growth needs."

Stephanie Blair

Head of Revenue,


Ceros is a cloud-based design platform that allows marketers and designers to create immersive content without coding or developer resources.  The company has over 400 active customers from industries that include retail, B2B tech, healthcare, manufacturing, and real estate.


Entheon started working with Ceros in 2015 when they had 4 AE’s, 4 BDR’s (lead generators), and 4 account managers.  At the time, Ceros was working through a customer segment pivot and was without a sales leader.

Today, Ceros has a sophisticated sales organization with 90+ people, the best sales tech stack we’ve ever seen, 16+ quota-carrying reps, 20+ BDR’s, and 20+ Customer Success Managers.


During those five years, Entheon has helped Ceros implement a business-value approach to sales, expand business in existing accounts through upselling and cross-selling, win and retain large enterprise customers, prepare for global expansion, reorganize the commercial team, and develop a long-term growth strategy.


Over the course of our work together, Ceros has grown revenue 30x and shareholder value at an even higher multiple.


“I started working with Ted in 2015 when I was a quota-carrying salesperson. He has been involved in helping me make the transition to sales manager, then VP of Sales, and now to Chief Revenue Officer. He currently serves as my executive coach in my CRO responsibilities.

As a first-time sales leader, Ted has been instrumental in my ability to keep my personal growth on pace with the growth of my company. I sincerely believe that without Ted this would not have been possible. Ted's vast experience improving go-to-market teams is a secret weapon that would have taken me decades to acquire. Ted took the time to learn OUR business, which created the proper context for him to break down complex challenges and offer relevant, repeatable frameworks that I've been able to leverage and teach to other members of my team.

We have found incredible value in working with Ted, and I can wholeheartedly say that if you are looking for outside help to build or improve your sales function, you should jump at the chance to join his Revenue Mastermind.”

Kevin Croxton
Chief Revenue Officer,


Oxeon Partners is a leading retained executive search firm that builds the management teams for transformative healthcare technology and service businesses.


They worked themselves into the enviable position of becoming more selective in choosing clients who better align with their mission “to make people healthier” and who are the most innovative and transformational firms in their industry.  This highly selective approach supported their strategy to work with only the top-tier executive talent in healthcare, which drove a virtuous cycle of then working with the top-tier companies in healthcare.

To execute this “premium” strategy, Oxeon needed to win against much larger rivals and improve deal win rates while helping the next generation of their business developers carry a greater share of the business development effort.


Oxeon hired Entheon to improve the business development strategy and process, improve sales capability across the firm, upskill the next generation of principals and directors, and improve win rates.


After 12 weeks, average opportunity win-rates increased 33% across the firm (in spite of COVID) and Entheon’s NPS score from the participants and senior leadership team was a stellar 82%1.

Note 1: For reference, NPS scores run on a scale from -100 to 100.  Accenture’s NPS score is estimated to be 1.  McKinsey & Company’s NPS score is estimated at 28.  Scores above 0 are considered to be good and scores above 50 are considered excellent.


“We would recommend Ted to anyone who has the opportunity to work with him and Entheon Partners. Ted listens to the customer, seeks to constantly learn and understand prior to diving in, and is a tremendously knowledgeable person to work with you and your team. Working with Ted has fundamentally changed our business development team for the better and we look forward to working with him more in the future.”

Michael Cullen
Principal, Strategy and Operations,
Oxeon Partners

In their own words, here's why these senior leaders scored Entheon and Ted a “10” out of 10 on recommending Entheon’s services to a friend, colleague or client.

"Ted's work was very impactful in helping me re-think my approach to business development and to be more strategic early on in the conversation process, which has resulted in more downstream wins."

“Ted was quickly able to analyze and synthesize our business model and our sales issues.  I’ve never seen anyone grasp our business as fast and as well as he did.”

“I so highly recommend Ted because of his engagement, genuine curiosity and commitment to improving Oxeon's business development processes.”

The Revenue Mastermind is right for you if...

  •   You are the Head of Sales, CRO, or SVP of Sales (or equivalent).
  •   Your company is a B2B firm with a validated product and $3 mm–$40 mm in annual revenue.
  •   You have a direct sales force with at least several full-time salespeople.
  •   You are actively scaling the business or building the sales function, and you face significant revenue growth goals or challenges.
  •   You want outside help and best practices tailored to your unique business.
  •   You’ve been looking for a private community of highly motivated, humble and self-aware sales leaders who are willing to give help as well as receive it (yes, that is indeed a rare combination).
  •   You are ready to invest in that community for the next year.

Inside The Revenue Mastermind

This cohort of THE REVENUE MASTERMIND (Cohort 21B) will kick off in October 2021 and run through September 2022. Here’s what you can expect:


  •  Monthly 2-hour Group Meeting (virtually via Zoom), usually the third Thursday of the month. Group meetings will include:
    • Hot seat for members to share a pressing challenge in their business and seek the group’s input (a great way to tap the Mastermind).
    • Review the previous month’s module and action assignment for accountability, group learning, and celebration of successes.
    • Introduce the current month’s module, including explanation of key concepts, guest subject matter experts, examples, frameworks, and the next action assignment.
    • Book discussions – we will vote on and read several books together over the course of the year. We will have the group nominate and vote on which books we read.
  •  Monthly 1-on-1 coaching meeting with Ted, usually during the first week of the month.
    • These sessions will be used to create and work on your growth plan customized for your business. Your growth plan may closely follow the journey through the Entheon Commercial System that the large group is working through, but it doesn’t need to.  We will create the plan that works for you.
  •  Over the course of the year, we will travel together using Entheon’s High Growth Commercial System as our map. Each month we will work through one of the 12 modules, equipping you to build a tightly integrated and mutually reinforcing commercial organization aligned to the current stage of your company while being prepared for continued growth down the road.
Entheon Revenue Mastermind Group
  •  Full access to all applicable Entheon frameworks, templates, tools and examples.
  •  Group text and message board
  •  To allow for personal attention, frequent access to the hot seat, and optimal group dynamics, this Mastermind will be limited to a maximum of 20 members.
  •  Option for sub-groups to meet separately on specific topics
  •  Each members’ company is eligible for a 10% discount on all in-house consulting and training. Member must be an active participant of the Mastermind in good standing at the time of invoicing for the discount to apply.
  •  The group will be together for 1 year, covering all major modules of the Entheon Commercial System. Members should join with the intention of committing to the full year program.  However, payment is monthly with no annual contract required.

CRO’s who engage in-house consulting services often pay $10,000 - $20,000 per month.  Individual executive coaching packages often run $30,000 - $50,000 per year, and many Masterminds cost $20,000 - $30,000 per year per participant.

THE REVENUE MASTERMIND is only $995 per month with no annual contract required.
  You get the winning strategies and top tier coaching for a fraction of the cost, plus the benefit of peer input and accountability.


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Registrations received by Thursday, September 30, 2021 at 11:59 pm CT lock in the lowest monthly rate of $895 per month for the entire year.

Space is limited to the first 20 members.


The Fine Print

This stuff is still important even though it is in a small font, so please read it!

  • Trust is the cornerstone of a great Mastermind group, and trust requires privacy and confidentiality. Therefore, all members will be required to sign an NDA/confidentiality agreement stating that all conversations, ideas and documents shared among members will remain strictly private and will not be shared with anyone else, including spouses, managers, or co-workers.
  • Space is limited to the first 20 members. When Cohort 21B is full, potential group members will be placed on a waiting list to be added in the event a spot opens up, or to be the first enrolled in the next cohort.
  • Because of the competitive and strategic nature of the group’s content, this Mastermind will not have two direct competitors in the same cohort. If two CRO’s from competitive companies are both interested, the first one to complete their registration and first month payment will be allowed in.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed: If after the first month you are not totally satisfied, we will refund your first month’s fee.
  • Auto payment is due on the 1st of each month for the coming month.

Your first month payment secures your membership in the group.  If after the first month you are not completely satisfied, we will gladly refund your first month’s fee.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Click the link to complete the simple 10 question application!  It takes less than 2 minutes.  Or, call us at 847-496-4242 to discuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Mastermind group is not a class or a peer networking organization.  Rather, a Mastermind is a tightly-knit group of people with a common interest who meet regularly to help each other excel through a combination of brainstorming, accountability, and support.  Some Masterminds simply follow the interests of the group to set the meeting agenda, whereas others have a leader/coach who provides more structure.  The Revenue Mastermind will follow the latter model, while allowing ample time for members to bring their own questions and challenges to each group.

Meet Ted Humphrey, your Group Leader and the Founder and Managing Partner of Entheon Partners

For the past 20+ years, Ted has been bringing sustainable business growth to middle-market firms, venture-backed start-ups, and Fortune 500 companies through the application of customer and market strategy, sales effectiveness, sales force design, organizational change, and sales operations.


Ted’s clients include large corporations and global brands such as S&P Global, Abbott, Baxter, Caterpillar, Deere, 3M, Novartis, Kimberly Clark, U.S. Cellular, S.C. Johnson, Underwriters Labs, Navistar, Solutia, and Citigroup.


He has also worked with many technology start-ups and middle-market companies, including Acquia, ZocDoc, ScrollMotion (Ingage), ChemStaff, Fugro, Hydac, CallSource, ClockSpring, INRIX, Compressor Controls, Mainstreet, RelSci, Ceros, C2FO, WITHIN, and many others.


The key to his proven ability to drive profitable growth is his commitment to focusing on the intersection where strategy, structure, process and people connect. The genesis of Entheon was his observation that the answers to the big challenges of business growth and organizational greatness cannot be found in any one discipline or domain.


Ted founded Entheon to help clients formulate and execute solutions in which a broad range of organizational pieces come together, resulting in growth, business impact, and transformation.


Ted is a Certified Merger & Acquisition Advisor (CM&AA) and holds a U.S. Patent. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a Master of Arts from Trinity International University.